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The Power of N


The ongoing evolution and diversity found in nature is a constant source of insight and inspiration. By better understanding the fundamental processes of natural phenomena, we are unlocking the way to preserve our environment for future generations, as well as create new possibilities  that work in harmony with nature. 


Nanotechnology is a diversely rich area for scientific inquiry. It opens a large window for promoting scientific creativity that hasn’t been seen since the advent of the industrial age. It is not just working with incredibly small things. It enables the possibility to build “things” with the same diversity and functionality that we see in the living world around us. Limited only by our imagination, Nanotechnology is putting molecules where we want them, when we want to, to do exactly what we want.


Many of life’s greatest mysteries, such as cognition, sensory processing, memory recall, and interconnectedness are the result of networked processes found within single cells, organisms, or collective groups. We believe naturally occurring networks hold limitless potential for future progress.